I am in love with these colourful juicers made of hand blown glass by Designer Elinor Portnoy. With Florida oranges at my daily disposal, this designer juicer would get plenty of use in my kitchen. I also love that they can double as decor on my mantel when not in use. Which is great because they are not about to fit into my utensil drawer.


Here’s what they designer had to say:

Nowadays, kitchens are becoming an open space joined with the living room, and are transformed from being just a working space to a hosting area as well. This has a great effect on the way we choose kitchen tools and how we display them. A tool can then become a decorative object as well, thereby questioning the way we perceive function and form. These citrus squeezers are made of glass with multiple colours, revealed by cold-working to “peel off” the layers, much like the fruit it squeezes. The inner bubble makes it lighter and easier to hold, and the outer layer is sand-blasted for better grip.

Here’s what I have to say:

Stunning. Love. Need.